About The Backgrounds

Welcome to my new blog! Some of you may already know me from www.thegraphicsfairy.com
where you can download free vintage and victorian images.
My new blog "Background Fairy" was created in order to offer free stylish backgrounds for you to use on your blog. In keeping with my other blog, the backgrounds are created using antique elements in order to give them Vintage Style!
There are just a couple of rules here so, please read below.

The Rules:
1) Bandwith theft (also known as hotlinking) is strictly forbidden.

2)The little "Background Fairy" button/tag, at the top of the backgrounds, must be kept in place.

3)You may use the backgrounds on your personal or commercial blog, as intended. Do not, however, sell the backgrounds or give them away on your blog, website etc.



  1. Thank you for the background! I am totally inept with computer stuff and couldn't figure out how to cut and copy so ended up typing the code in the content area of a secondary blog of mine. It turned out just fine. Thanks so very much!

  2. whoops! my secondary blog is theteatimeofmysoul.blogspot.com.
    thanks, tonia

  3. Love the backgrounds. I didn't even know anything like this was available until I saw the logo on another blog. Thank you for making the backgrounds, for letting us use them and for walking me through the set up for it. I really appreciate it!

  4. Fabulous! I'm going to give it a try!

  5. Hi,
    I do not have a blog yet, but am intending to publish one.
    I`ve just found your site and: I want to say thank you! Thank you for offering free backgrounds. And for making such great backgrounds. I like all of them, but my favourite at the moment is the aqua&creme one.
    Thank you so much,

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful backgrounds. I'd been wondering how on earth to upload one and now I know! :-))

  7. Hi Karen
    you know me already!You know I havee tried so many times with the backgrond.Ysterday I made it!I am so happy.Grretings

  8. Thank you so much Karen for your backgrounds, I really appreciate your generosity. ox Marg


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