Blog Background - Linen All Around

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Someone recently requested my Simple Linen Background, with out the center white panel. I tested this out and it looks very nice with the new blogger templates. It's simple, but elegant!

This one works best with Bloggers "Picture Window" Template.

Click HERE for easy instructions on how to add this Background to your Blog.

Also, please place a link to this site (or to my Graphics Fairy site, either one is fine!) somewhere on your blog if you use this background, or any of my other backgrounds.


  1. thanks again for a fabulous blog resource, karen:) i'm having a problem in that when i try to install this linen background, it says my file size is too big. i've tried it on several different days, several times each attempt. any suggestions?

  2. Maryboys,
    I'm not sure why it didn't work for you, I did test it before I uploaded it and it did work for me. Anyway, I just reduced the size again, and replaced this image. Go ahead and try downloading this again and adding it to your blog, hopefully it will work better for you now!

  3. Thank you so much for this! I've been looking for something like this for blog. And I posted one of your buttons so everyone knows!

  4. Can I use this on my wordpress blog (

  5. Hi, I just used it on a private blog, and it also said filesize was too big. It can't be no more than 300 k and this is around 500.
    I sized it down in photoshop. No problem.
    Thanks for at very neutral and subtle background. Love it.
    - Anne

  6. downloaded this! thanks so much! i just resized it to 300kb though but it works just fine :)

  7. This worked perfectly for me on my tumblr. Thanks. I made sure to leave a link back here on my list of credits.

  8. HI Karen. Thanks for such a great background. Quick question. I have loaded it up and it has some watermark with Background Fairy at the date. How do I remove it from my blog ? I want to link back to you in a more formal way rather than have this watermark on the blog post. Thanks. Here is my blog so you can see what I'm talking about :

  9. Thanks so much! Just what I wanted.

  10. The file was too big when I clicked on the image to enlarge it before right clicking and downloading.

    When I downloaded it w/out clicking to enlarge, it loaded up on my blog just fine.

    Hope this tip helps.


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