Super Simple Blog Tip - Add a Title to your Header with Picnik

Some time ago I promised that I would do a tutorial that would help you to add text to your blog header, in a way that gives you much more control over the size of the text, color, position, font etc. So here it is! Today I'm using a program called Picnic, it's super easy to use, it's free, and you can use it online, so there's nothing to download! Honestly it's so easy you probably don't need a tutorial, but I made one anyway, just in case you get stuck, or need a little extra help along the way. I know it looks like a lot of steps, but really there's not much to them, I just broke it down a lot to illustrate each step completely.

Click on the photos to enlarge the steps and see them more clearly

Step 1: Grab a header from my site (save it to your computer) and then, Go to the Picnik website. And click on "Get Started Now".

Step 2:
After the page loads, click on "Upload a Photo."

Step 3:
A box will pop up with your folders, select the header image that you previously saved to your computer, by clicking on it, and then click "Open".

Step 4: You should see your header now. Click on "Create", at the top of the screen.

Step 5:
Now click on "Text" in the left top corner.

Step 6:
Notice the font selection along the right side. Cute Huh?!

Step 7:
(Okay there are 3 steps within step 7 actually, notice they are numbered) First click on the font style that you like, to select it. Then type your blog name, into the box in the upper left corner. And finally click "Add". The title is now in the box, but because the letters are white, you can't see it. Don't panic, it's there!

Tip: If you want your blog name to be on several lines, then type the words underneath each other like I did here. I actually have the whole name in the box, 3 words total (Blog Sweet Blog), each word is on a separate line, but one of the words is hidden here. To do this I typed "Blog" and then hit my enter key, and then "Sweet" then hit enter again, and then "Blog" and enter again. Whew! I hope that makes sense!

Step 8: Change the font color
, by moving the tiny circle in the color box around, until you hit on a color that you like.

Step 9:
You can change the font size by moving the "size" slider around, or by pulling on the corners of the box around your title. You can reposition the title, by clicking on your title and moving it around with your mouse.

Step 10:
You can align your text, left, center, or right, by clicking on the align button, if you look closely you'll see I put a black circle around the align button. It's tiny! I centered mine.

Step 11: Click on the tiny button with the tiny green flower
, in the top right corner. A little box will drop down, click on "Combine Everything".

Step 12:
Click on "Save and Share".

Step 13: Click on "Save Photo".

Step 14: Click "Save". You're done!! Now you can add it to your Blog!!

And pair it up with a cute background too, if you like!

I hope you have fun with Picnik, it's a pretty cool program, and there's a lot of fun stuff you can do with it, so play around while you're there!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks for the great tip - I had not heard of Picnik! I love your blog and all the fabulous graphics you provide!

  2. Great tutorial, with all of the screen shots it was easy to understand.

  3. Thanks Ladies! I'm glad you like the new Tutorial!
    I was a little tired when I worked on this, earlier today, I just realized that I typed in "Home Blog Home", I meant to type "Blog Sweet Blog"!! Duh! Oh well, I'm too lazy to fix it, so it will have to stay for now!

  4. Thanks for sharing them deary......:)


  5. Thanks I just did one and I really like it. Your wonderful. Vicky

  6. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 2 post on Mar. 06, 2011. Thanks again.

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  8. It is a really great program and very easy to use. I used it to make the header that I loved (your teal oval frame) a color that would work for my blog. Just changed it to a sepia tone before I added my text. Thanks for the great tutorials and the amazing graphics!

  9. Great tut and such a help - thanks for all your hard work and for sharing with us. ikki

  10. Sorry, I just came here so I don't know where I could find the headers, so please tell me where, so I can do this too!? :) Thanks!

  11. Pinja,
    All of my headers are listed under "blog headers" along my right sidebar. Have fun!

  12. Awesome. thank you!

  13. thank you, thank you! :) i need things as simple as possible since i am such a rookie-blogger and need the perfect "home" to spill out my thoughts - i so appreciate your post and designs!

  14. you are SO good! Thank you so much!

  15. OMG, that was such an amazing tip, I allways wanted to create MY OWN header for my blog, but never found out how to. Now Your simple instructions helped me so much, I even figured out what`s this Picnik! (can you imagine - I didn`t know before) LOL :D Thank You so much!

  16. Wow! I love Picnik! Thanks so much Karen

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  18. Thank you, Karen, SO MUCH!!! I am now creating my own personal header to use with one of your backgrounds. This is so exciting - I've struggled with trying to understand the technical aspects of making my blog my own style - you have helped me so very much.

    Now - I have no idea how to add one of your buttons to my blog, and I think by trying too many backgrounds I also managed to lose the "blogs I'm following" gadget! :( Still searching on your site to see if you have given instructions (for the button).

  19. Thank you for all the tips but primarily I want to thank you for making everything so easy to follow....other tutorials assume you know your way around these sites but you don't assume anything which is appreciated :)

  20. Uh oh.. Picnik is gone! Is there another website to use for this type of editing?

    Thanks for all the great graphics. I look forward to my daily email from you!

  21. I can't find Picnic either--it has closed down. Is there another way we can edit and centre the header??


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