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This is a background that I made quite awhile ago for one of my blogs, but never ended up using it for anything. I just found it in my archives and thought maybe someone could use it! It's a pretty Aqua Damask Background, with a torn paper ephemera center panel.

This one works best with Bloggers "Picture Window" Template.

Click HERE for easy instructions on how to add this Background to your Blog.

Also, please place a link to this site (or to my Graphics Fairy site, either one is fine!) somewhere on your blog if you use this background, or any of my other backgrounds.


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  1. I LOVE this one! Thanks!

  2. Hi Karen....I'm so new to this, but I so like your site the very best for backgrounds and such. You seem so knowledgeable and helpful. This probably will sound silly to you but how can I tell if I need the three or two column backgrounds. Is it as simple as I need two because my blog has two columns???? Thanks a bunch.

  3. I cannot use your new backgrounds in this way. I click to enlarge and then save, but when I apply to blogger it says the file is too large. Would love to use them.
    Could you go back to the old format?

  4. ArtSings,
    Yes, just look on your blog and count the number of columns. The standard size shows one large center column, where your posts are, and one smaller column along the side, where your gadgets are. That would be a two column blog. All of my blogs are 3 column, one larger center one, and two smaller ones on either side.

    Tete, I just reuploaded it, and tested it out, it should work fine now. I still have lots of the older minima templates on my site, since most people are switching to the new, I need to focus my efforts on designing for the new ones. I wish I had time for everything, but I'm a busy gal and just can't squeeze it all in!

  5. Thanks Karen so much for your generosity in sharing such inspired backgrounds :-)

    I used this background for my twitter profile using your URL in the jpg title, and forced the twitter sidebar to transparent, the better to appreciate the background, lol! You can see the result at @angelaseyeon :-D

  6. Hi Karen,
    I just wanted to tell you I've used this background with the bird and newspaper header and they look fantastic. Thank you so much for your generosity in making these available.
    I've put your link button on my blog.


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