Web Graphic - Patriotic Lady

Click HERE for the PNG File with the Background Removed
 This is a beautiful Patriotic Image of Lady Liberty! She's wearing the traditional American Flag Dress. I thought this one might come in useful for 4th of July Scrapbook pages, great for Web Design too! I've removed the Background and created a PNG file for you. I hope you can find a use for her.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. OH Thank you thank you!
    She's fantastic! AND she carries the key to my city! lol
    Thanks for all you do, Karen.
    Hope you had a nice holiday weekend!

  2. I love this blog.

    You probably have no control over the ads, BUT I saw black imitation magnetic clasps necklaces advertised. They are just what I am looking for. If anyone spots the site, could they please contact me. Thanks!

  3. Wonderfully made! Absolutely perfect for the 4th of July indeed. :)

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