Overlay Pattern - Fleur de Lis and Flowers

Click HERE for the PNG File with the Background Removed
Today I'm offering another pretty pattern, that I've adapted from a print that I found in an 1880's Design Book. The pattern is designed with French Fleur de Lis, framed up with fancy Circles, and a delicate floral decoration. I've worked with it a bit to make it more useable for you. There are two versions, one is a JPG that you can print right out and use for your craft or card making projects (just click on the image above to grab it) and the other is a PNG file with the background removed so that you can create Scrapbook Papers, Blog Backgrounds, Stationary, Fabric or whatever you like!

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  1. Many thanks this background is lovely

  2. What a wonderful design! I love it. Thanks so much for sharing :-)

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