How to Pick the Right Airsoft Ammo by Experience Battle Players

How to Pick the Right Airsoft Ammo by Experience Battle Players

Although most people are focused on the type of Airsoft weapon that they use when they play the game, there are others that might be more focused on the BBs that are used. Airsoft ammo is designed to be used in these many different Airsoft weapons, depending upon the type of gun that you are using. This simulation group sport where people pretend to be in military scenarios can be played much more efficiently if you have the right ammunition. This is a quick overview of the Airsoft guns that you might want to own, and the ammunition that can be used.

The History Of Airsoft

This all began back in the 1970s. At the time, civilians were not allowed to own firearms. Instead of using actual weapons, they decided to create their own, and by the 1980s Airsoft became a worldwide phenomenon. These are different from paintball guns or BB guns, and certainly different from laser tag. You are firing ammunition that, though not lethal, can make an impact.

What Type Of Guns Are Used In Airsoft?

This sport has three different types of Airsoft guns. All guns fire some plastic pellet. The technology used for each of these guns is slightly different based on the mechanism that allows the BBs to be fired. There are spring Airsoft guns which are mechanical by design. The user must caulk the gun, just like you would a regular pistol, firing each round one at a time. This has been compared to using a bolt action rifle, or a shotgun, and these particular Airsoft weapons are the slowest to use and reload. Another type is the gas Airsoft gun. This is something that you can use that will be semi automatic or automatic. CO2 is typically the mechanism by which the pellets are fired, and you can fire this gun without having to cock the gun with each BB that you are shooting. Finally, there are electric Airsoft guns, and these do use springs, but they also use rechargeable batteries. These are both semi automatic and fully automatic and are the most popular with those that are playing in league Airsoft games. This would include the electric pistols and assault rifles.

What Type Of Ammunition Do do They use?

You can purchase this ammunition from an Airsoft store, and you can also pick it up at nationwide stores like Walmart. They typically come in containers with lids on the top, ones that will contain anywhere from 2000 to 10,000 BBs. There are a couple of different types that you can get. There are the round BBs which are the most common, 6 mm ammo that weighs about .43 g. You can also get pellets that are flat nosed, and there is ammo that is professional grade and ones that come in different colors like blue. First, you will need to know what type of gun you have, rifle, sniper or pistol? When you own a rifle you should be getting certain ammunition. Has an awesome review list of the top rifles. You can also purchase the hyper velocity pellets which look very similar to regular bullets. The type of ammo that you get will depend upon the Airsoft pistol or rifle that you have purchased. You can find great deals on these by searching the web for Airsoft ammunition.

What Are The More Popular Types Of Airsoft Ammo?

There are quite a few Brands that are very popular such as Air Venturi Pro which are 6 mm biodegradable BBs that come in different colors. Game Face Verdict Markers are also very popular, as are the BBs produced by Crosman. Other BBs include those that are available from TSD Tactical and there is also the very popular King Arms Platinum Series. It just depends on what type of BBs you prefer, and the type of Airsoft gun that you have, when you are making this purchase.

It is very easy to find exceptional deals on these BBs. When you search on the web, you can either go to a national sporting good store or a specialty store that sells only Airsoft products. Just make sure that the ones that you purchase are designed for your particular Airsoft gun. They can range from.11 g to .25 grams and many people do prefer purchasing the biodegradable ones who will simply decompose without requiring you to clean up after playing the game. Once you have found a store that has excellent deals, and a vast selection of Airsoft ammunition, you will know exactly where to go to get the Airsoft BBs that you need.




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