How to screenshot on computer


The concept of a screenshot hides a graphic file containing a desktop image with the windows open displayed at the time the screenshot is taken on the monitor screen. This function is useful in many situations, e.g. if there is an error that should be kept, if we want to show off a friend with a spectacular graphic theme or you demonstrate achievement in your favorite game. It’s worth knowing how to create a screenshot quickly. How to screenshot on computer?

How do I take a screenshot of my computer?

  1. Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard.

The keyboard has a dedicated key to take a screenshot. It can be found in the upper right of the keyboard, usually it is called: “PrtScr” or “Print screen”.

If you’re using a laptop, you’ll be able to press the “function” key along with the print screen key. The function key is located to the right of the “Control” key

screenshot windows
  1. Find the “Paint” program.

For Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 – just open the Start Bar and then type: “Paint”. Windows will automatically search for this program and display it in the hints.

For Windows XP – this program is located in the path: Programs -> Accessories -> Paint

  1. Press Ctrl + V.

This will paste the image from the “clipboard”. You can now use Paint to edit your screenshot.

  1. Save the file.

After you finish processing the photo, all you have to do is select File -> Save. The system will ask you for the file name and then for the location. It’s a good idea to save this image to your desktop so that you can then attach it to Messenger or to Email.

Windows + H

If you want to take a screenshot of the entire screen and send it by e-mail or, for example, upload it to a social networking site, then press the Windows and H keys simultaneously. On the right, a selection of places will appear where you can upload the image. Their number depends of course on what installed applications are in Windows 10.

Snipping Tool

Another method is to use “Cut out” tool available in newer versions of the Windows operating system.

  • To do this, start the start menu and enter “Cutting” after which the system will tell us the name of the program. (For English-language operating systems, use the name: “Snipping”)
  • Then run it.
  • Press the button: New.
  • The screen will become slightly grayer and the mouse movement on the screen will cause the selected area to be “cut out”.
  • After accepting the area, it will be presented in a new window.
  • Pressing the diskette icon (Save) will save it in the specified location with the name we specify.

Windows + volume down button

On portable devices with Windows 10, the screenshot is made similarly as on smartphones and tablets with other operating systems. Hold down the Windows logo button while pressing the volume down button. The same will happen as if you press the Windows + Print Screen keys on your computer or laptop – the screen will momentarily fade and the created screenshot will be saved in the default folder with images.



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