How to edit a PDF

how to edit a pdf

It has been accepted that documents in the popular PDF format remain intact, and therefore they can be easily opened on any computer without fear of, for example, shifting the margins. This is not entirely true because a PDF document can be edited using various programs. How to edit a PDF?

How to edit a PDF – best practices

You can easily edit a PDF with the help of various programs. Sometimes it happens that we have already exported from the text program a ready and checked document, and only then we notice that we have missed some important detail. Then, of course, we can re-open our document in a text program, make corrections and export it again to PDF, but we can also correct it immediately.

editing pdf

Editing a PDF document involves just making corrections in the content, i.e. adding a comma, adding a word, sentence, etc., as well as rotating the document, changing the order of individual pages of the document, and even adding a new page to this document. However, you should know that converting a PDF to a form that can be modified is a complex process, so it can happen that our document in non-editable form may differ slightly from the one that will be editable.

How do you edit a PDF document in Microsoft Office Word 2013?

To be able to edit a PDF in Word, just open it after clicking on “File” and “Open”. Then choose the document we want. Word will let you know that the editable form of a PDF document may be different from the original one and that it may take a while to open the document.

In Word, you can change fonts, add new paragraphs, change graphic elements and their position relative to text, and more.

After we finish working with our document, we click on the “File” and “Save as” options and in the displayed window for saving we indicate the PDF format.

Formatting a pdf file

If you are editing text, the text in the paragraph is re-adapted to the text field to reflect the changes. Each text field is independent and entering text in one block will not change the position of the other text boxes or go to the next page.

  • Choose Tools> Edit PDF> Edit
  • Select the text to be edited.
  • Change the text by doing one of the following:

Enter the new text to replace the selected text, or press the Delete key to delete it.

Managing list items using the list control function (bulleted and numbered lists) in the Format item in the right panel. You can create new list items, convert an existing paragraph to a list item, convert an existing list item to a paragraph, and convert one list type to another.

Select a font, font size, or other formatting options in the Format item in the panel on the right. You can also use advanced formatting options, such as line spacing, character spacing, horizontal scaling, stroke width, and color.

Clicking outside the selection removes it and lets you start the procedure again.

We hope that our short guide will help you create great PDFs and edit them on the spot!




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