How to cook pork tenderloin

how to cook pork tenderloin

Pork tenderloin is one of the most commonly used parts of pork. They are very versatile, so they can be served in many ways. They blend well with both traditional dinner additions and any sauces, e.g. chanterelle, béchamel, dill or mushroom. How to make pork tenderloin so that it is juicy?

How to prepare the tenderloin step by step?

The tenderloin should be rinsed in cold running water, wiped dry and cleaned of surrounding membranes. The meat should be cut into 2 cm slices. Place each slice on a chopping board and press with your hand so that it flattens, Each of the chops must be salt and sprinkled with pepper on both sides. Heat fat in a frying pan and, when slightly sizzling, put in the pork tenderloin. Each side must be fried for about 3 minutes.

cooking pork tenderloin

How to braise pork tenderloin?

Braised tenderloin is one of the ways we can prepare our meat. It is also a very simple recipe for preparing very delicate meat, which we can then diversify with favorite additions.

  • Stewing tenderloin should start with preparing meat. Let us separate several smaller, large slices from one large piece. The meat must be cleaned and washed thoroughly.
  • Season the meat in the bowl. We rub them with salt, garlic, meat spices. Roman cumin, rosemary or hot pepper will be great.
  • We prepare a frying pan in which we warm up the frying oil or butter.
  • We put our meat on a hot frying pan and carefully fry it until golden brown on each side. Sliced ​​onions and fresh garlic can also be found in the pan.
  • After a short frying, we translate our pork tenderloin into a deeper pan. There, we pour them with one liter of clean water. We boil everything.
  • Decoction can be seasoned with bay leaves, rosemary, salt and pepper.

Roasting the tenderloin in the oven

It’s best to marinate the meat beforehand. When the tenderloin marinates, heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the meat on each side so that it lightens slightly and closes. Heat the oven to 180 * C. Place the tenderloin on aluminum foil and put in the oven. Bake for 15 minutes. Then wrap the loin tightly in aluminum foil and bake for another 15 minutes. After baking, cut into slices and serve hot to dinner in the company of your favorite porridge or potatoes and fried beets or carrots with peas. You can also let the tenderloin cool down and cut it as an addition to sandwiches or serve it cold with cranberry.

Good practices for preparing pork tenderloin

Marinades – do not buy pre-seasoned meats. The content of sodium and preservatives kills the tenderness and softness of a piece of meat. Prepare lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and honey – this is one of the simplest pickles

Tendon – cut a piece with a silvery tint. Cut the meat as close as possible to leave as much red part of the muscle as possible. Roasting with the tendon is a mistake – the meat will always be tough.

Spices – one of the best blends is a combination of: sugar, cumin, sweet pepper, dried garlic and onions, and salt and pepper. It brings out the natural sweetness and taste of meat




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