Fashion watches — Armani and Michael Kors. Why is it worth choosing models from these manufacturers?

Fashion watches

A tasteful watch is an absolute must-have for anyone who appreciates good style. To achieve this goal, which means looking good and attracting the attention of the environment, you need to choose a good quality watch made by a reputable manufacturer. The recognized brands include Armani and Michael Kors. This is a great idea for anyone looking for a modern fashion watch. What are the characteristics of women’s watches from these manufacturers?

Women’s watches — choose the fashion accessory!

As the name suggests, “fashion” ladies watches are a perfect solution for women who follow the latest fashion trends. The “fashion” style reflects the spirit of the metropolitan world, where elegance goes hand in hand with comfort, like in New York. This is why women’s “fashion” watches have an expressive, original style.

Anyone who wants to stand out in a big city needs a watch. It is no coincidence that “fashion” watches for women are products offered by the most renowned manufacturers. Owning an Armani or Michael Kors watch gives you the confidence that a woman’s taste will be recognized by those around you.

Women's watches

Michael Kors watch — New York fashion style

Michael Kors is an international manufacturer of women’s watches that needs no introduction. This brand was created in the mid-1980s. Initially, Michael Kors offered women’s and men’s clothes, but tasteful accessories (including watches) quickly became the foundation of the brand.

Michael Kors watches and other products are used by women from the world of politics and show business (e.g. Michelle Obama and Catherine Zeta-Jones). However, this does not mean that Michael Kors watches are not available to a broader audience. On the contrary, the cheaper models cost just a few hundred euros. In this price range, you can easily find many good-looking models.

The watches for women of this manufacturer have mainly the following colours: white, gold, silver and black. These colours are not too bright, but the balanced style does not take away their charm. As the movement is made of quartz and the bracelet is made of stainless steel, you don’t have to worry that ladies watch is beautiful but not very practical. If you are careful, they will last for many years.

Michael Kors watch

Armani watches, i.e. premium watches of the highest class

Emporio Armani is a prestigious Italian brand. As in the case of Michael Kors, the Armani brand also includes clothes and additional accessories (watches, glasses, perfumes, etc.). You can often hear the opinion that Armani watches are products intended for men. The statement is not entirely true, as Emporio Armani also offers elegant women’s watches in fashion style.

Unlike Michael Kors products, Armani watches for women are delicate models that are mainly black, gray and white. The brand’s offer ranges from watches with a stainless steel bracelet to watches with leather straps. The product range is very wide and includes small, subtle ladies watches and more eye-catching models.

Emporio Armani women’s watches are a successful mix of elegance and very high-quality workmanship (the strap in the watches is made of stainless steel or durable rubber). They are great for official meetings (also business meetings). Armani watches for women are priced higher than competing brands. The price difference is unmistakable. On the other hand, the Armani brand is considered one of the most prestigious. Owning an Armani watch is something to be proud of.



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