How to take off acrylic nails

how to take off acrylic nails

Pulling acrylic nails by yourself is not much different from that of a beautician, which is why this treatment can be done at home without risk. Don’t know how to remove acrylic nails without leaving your home? All you need to do is stock up on some necessary things and reserve at least an hour and a half. Usually, it takes less time to remove nails, but you should not hurry, because you can damage the plate.

What should you know about removing acrylic nails?

Acrylic nails are, next to gel manicure, one of the most popular methods of nail extension. They are a great solution for women who want a long-lasting effect. Are you asking why? Due to the fact that the acrylic mass adheres strongly to the plate, it is possible to provide very high protection for the natural nail. The exceptional durability and resistance to mechanical damage makes styling with this method look great even up to a month. In addition, acrylics are great at masking any imperfections in a natural nail.

acrylic nails

Nail removal: acetone

In professional beauty salons, a chemical substance, i.e. acetone, is used to remove acrylic nails. You can also use it when you want to do this at home alone. Acetone is an organic solvent, often used in nail polish removers. However, in this case, the cleaner itself unfortunately will not be helpful. You need to stock up on pure acetone. You need to pour it into a glass bowl, and then soak artificial nails for about 30 minutes. During the procedure, you can try to loosen the acrylic every 10 minutes using the cuticle stick. In this way, you will significantly accelerate the removal of acrylic from the nail plate. Once you get rid of it, use a special block with tips to level the surface and polish your nail. Thanks to this you will remove any acrylic residue.

You can also use the second method. Apply soaked cotton swabs to the nails and wrap in foil. Hold them on your nails for about 30 minutes, and after that check to see if the acrylic can be easily removed. Gently remove the acrylic, you can spoil the remaining residue.

How to strengthen nails?

After removing acrylic, your nails may be weakened. What should be done to strengthen them? You’ve probably noticed now that your natural nails are brittle, very weak, soft, thin and brittle. It is worth performing a care treatment that will allow them to quickly return to their former form. To this end, it is worth warming up a bit of castor oil and treat the nails to a bath in this specificity. This home treatment for nails will strengthen them and prevent them from splitting. Perform this procedure 3-4 times a week.

A very good idea would be a paraffin treatment performed in beauty salons. You can also strengthen the tile by applying curing varnish. Thanks to this, nails will be more resistant to external factors such as water and detergents. It is better to wear special rubber gloves during your household activities.

Although the removal of acrylic nails can be easily done at home, it’s best to use the services of a qualified stylist. Experience, knowledge and specialist tools at the salon’s disposal guarantee safe and successful surgery. Sometimes it’s better to trust the experts.




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